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Fabulous FLASH

In other words, the fun stuff.

When a creative idea really needs movement to bring it to life, Flash carries it beyond the limitations of static design. You can use Flash to embed video, add animation, create an interactive and entertaining way to navigate a website, and generally add interest for the user.

The fact to keep in mind is that Flash is exciting, but the search engine spiders that crawl the web looking for information cannot see what is inside of the Flash content. They need hard-coded text to read in order to properly catalog the content on your site and make the appropriate connections to their search engines. So use Flash sparingly and wisely for the biggest impact.

On Track is lucky enough to have a Flash programmer of the highest caliber, who knows when it's appropriate to push the software to its creative limits and when to keep the Flash monster on a leash.

Here are a few web pages that feature our Flash work in action:


Web & Tech Offerings

Look ma, no templates!

Take a look at the images to the left. Notice that our websites do not all look alike. We construct a website from the perspective of what best communicates a client's brand, not how we can cram client content into an existing design template. That's how you create websites that work.

Put technology in its place

Technology equals all of the behind-the-scenes tools that enable your business to run more effectively, and allow all of your marketing elements to work together. Too many businesses are slaves to technology when it should be the other way around. On Track understands how to put technology to work for our clients.

Web Traffic Analysis
Understanding how people interact with your website can help strengthen your future goals.

Search Engine Optimization
We can help improve the volume or quality of traffic to your website through search engine results.

Email Marketing
Trackable email newsletters are essential tools for online marketing. We could spend hours of the day dealing with the headaches of spam filters and email databases, but we'd rather use that time for client work. But there are companies who do, and we know which ones are reliable. We've already tested numerous third party programs, and can spare you the pain of trial and error.

Content Management
is a system that puts web site management and editing capabilities in the hands of the people who are closest to the content. When time-sensitive information on your website needs to be updated, you want it to happen immediately. CM gives you the power to make changes without going through your agency, saving you time and money. On Track's CM system is flexible enough to accommodate our award-winning designs while still accommodating multiple users and access, capturing content history, and many other features. Best of all, it's been tested and it's stable.


We provide full-featured order taking and credit card processing with fully automated verification integrated with central banking systems. On Track's e-commerce solutions have passed all of the strictest PCI compliance regulations.

Our server administrators house and maintain our secure servers at On Track's colocated data center. We manage our own servers and provide hosting for our clients exclusively. We can provide sophisticated virtual environments, DNS managed services, complete fail-over setups and backup. Our servers' track record over the past 24 months has been 99.9% uptime.

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